Managing the commons:

conservation of biodiversity


In this volume on Conservation of Biodiversity, Berkes and Turner focus on how community-based conservation and management systems contribute to the preservation and development of useful Indigenous knowledge, how this important source of knowledge is undergoing both productive and unproductive transformations, and how institutions and knowledge co-evolve over time when local communities have considerable autonomy. Alcorn and coauthors address how local communities working with local governments have been empowered to conserve biodiversity in Pando, Bolivia. They use the single case to illustrate a broader set of design issues. In the third article, Ross and Innes provide a framework for examining some of the cooperative management techniques related to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area in Australia. This is an innovative effort to integrate Indigenous rights and the management of an incredible environmental resource. To conclude the volume, Molnar provides a useful synthesis of what is new and what is old in the current debates about the role of communities and conservation.

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